Truly an industry-first, the flagship Alfa looks a lot like a quadcopter and performs similarly to one in air. Unlike a typical quadcopter, our patent-pending design includes a detachable buoy on top that contains the antennae to transmit imagery and data to the control station. When the vehicle submerges, the buoy remains on the surface and tethered to the vehicle to maintain fully wireless communication when submerged.




Like it’s namesake, the Chimera is a hybrid of many beasts. It looks like the Alfa, except that the vehicle stays at the surface and only the payload is deployed underwater. With an impressive capacity of up to 20 kg (40 lbs), the Chimera is intended as a modular platform to carry a wide variety of payloads. For example, the payload can be an ROV or AUV providing advanced underwater capabilities.




Need something special? An Alfa that goes deeper? A Chimera with permanent payload for a specific task? Something completely different? Just send us a note and we’ll work with you to design and build something that fits your needs.